Founder & CEO

“Bijoot toi. La joie de vivre se trouve dans les détails” “Bijoot yourself. The joy of life Life is in the details”
“Bijoot toi. La joie de vivre se trouve dans les détails…”
“Bijoot yourself. The joy of life is in the details…”
Christelle: [Chris-tell]

Christelle Gorman is the founder and CEO of Bijoot.  Born in Côte d’Ivoire, a West African French speaking country saturated with art, culture and style, she began her love affair with fashion at an early age – making doll clothes, home decor items and jewelry out of fabric and paper.  She founded bijoot in March 2011 and officially launched in Washington DC in 2014.  The motivation for bijoot came from Christelle’s global travels and her desire to see more African and other ethnic fabric and items in the fashion industry. She seeks to shatter the narrow view of Africa & Africans that persists today and to educate consumers about the materials used while paying tribute to the culture that inspires her collections. Through bijoot, Christelle hopes to present Africa in a unique light and make people aware of its rich and diverse offerings. Her line showcases accessories that are a vivid representation of her personal style: the fusion of traditional African fashion with a global aesthetic, paying keen attention to bold colors and exciting patterns.  Bijoot honors tradition while remaining relevant in today’s ever-changing fashion landscape.  Christelle finds her own joie de vivre through designing pieces that fuse African culture with current fashion trends, and satisfy the stylish urge of those who seek exotic, chic and eclectic accessories one statement piece at a time. Bijoot with Christelle and experience la joie de vivre!