Bijoot is environmentally conscious, socially responsible and charitably-minded. Whether ready-to-wear, or custom-made, bijoot pieces bring la joie de vivre and sophistication to any wardrobe. We invite you to begin this enthralling journey of exploring the beauty of our world by bijooting with a special piece from our collection.

Want to make what you wear meaningful while making a different?

At Bijoot, We are passionate and committed to making a difference, and we want you to help us in that effort.  As part of our philanthropy model, we donate 5% of the proceeds from every order you place with us to the charity of your choice.  While there are a multitude of charities and issues that we would love to help, the charities that we have chosen represent our core commitment to women and children-based initiatives, and Arts (in all shapes and form) are both highly rated and vetted.  That being said, we want this to be about you making your impact so if there is an alternative charity that you would like your donation to be sent to that is not featured on our list, please email us at to let us know.  Happy Bijooting!

Charities Affiliation

We are thrilled to work with a number of fabulous charitable organizations across the the world and have highlighted a few below:

  1. African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation (AIRF)
  2. Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company / Diplomats of Dance Society
  3. Autism Community of Africa
  4. Autism Speaks
  5. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  6. Racines Heritage Foundation
  7. Little Malaika International Boys & Girls Leadership and Cultural Pageant
  8. Tigerlily Foundation
  9. Reunion Sportive d’Haiti, Inc.
  10. Diaspora African Women Network (DAWN)
  11. The Ngalamou Foundation
  12. Malawi Washington Foundation
  13. Tebah Education Initiative
  14. African Diapora for Change
  15. SOS Village d’Enfants
  16. Be The Match

If you would like to become affiliated with us, please send us an email at